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The Lot in Action. December 22, 2009 by Bluboux

The Ministry of Health has asked GPs to prescribe "massive" anti-viral (Tamiflu) to any person with influenza-like illness and those at risk have been in contact with a patient. Previously, the drug was reserved for serious cases.

The unions of doctors come in and organize resistance. A group for independent medical information gathered more than 700 signatures on his petition, open letter to the Director General of Health, which requires just one argument and comprehensive analysis of risk / benefit ratio, considering that advocacy is "at odds with current scientific data brought to our attention. » "

According to the National College of generalist teachers, Tamiflu does not prevent complications of influenza, reduces only one day just the duration of symptoms if taken early enough, and finally causes a significant number of cases side effects.
The vice-president of National College, Vincent Renard, stated yesterday during an interview with Rue89:

"We have not a shred of evidence that it serves a purpose in the case of influenza H1N1, however side effects are such that the final benefit / risk balance is clearly negative. Worse, the precautionary principle applied in this way makes us take risks. Imagine if 10 million people who have influenza-like illness had been put under oseltamivir, one would have, according to which clinical trials are available:
•    nausea and vomiting 1.5 to 3 million people
•    abdominal pain for 1.2 to 2 million people
•    sleep disorders and behavior for 1 to 2 million people
•    neuropsychiatric effects for 100 000
•    not to mention severe allergies
All this would lead to overestimate the severity of hospitalizations in series ... to save potentially 20 people, and still no certainty. It's over-caution, which ultimately did take risks. » "

The doctors are finally beginning to respond and they are not alone. The Cri-Life Association has assigned Roselyne Bacchelot, q ui appear at TGI Paris Monday, January 4, for "putting an end as soon as possible to the campaign of vaccination against influenza H1N1. Procedures for complaints group being set up in several departments.

LThe government has shown in managing the nasty flu, incompetence incredible, immediately focusing mass vaccination and making stocks of Tamiflu completely disproportionate. We have not yet mastered the impacts on public health, but the ease with which the authorities gave permission to put on the market (AMM) for vaccines, will clearly cause many serious side effects, including neurological. Doctors routinely speak in terms of vaccination, the famous report "risk-benefit", the propaganda organized by the Department has carefully concealed. As for impacts on the budget for social security, it is huge, amounting to more than one billion euros, when the French are realizing that they are more likely to no longer afford to seek treatment. Such a robbery orchestrated for the benefit of laboratories is unacceptable.

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